The CoolSculpting (r) machines used by Zeltiq utilize the cryolipolysis process. A special tool is used to pinch fat, which is then frozen to the exact temperature. This treatment damages fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. Although some side effects may occur, the procedure is safe for both men and women. There are contraindications for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. Here’s what to expect during treatment.

Cost of CoolSculpting cryolipolysis

If you are interested in reducing your belly fat without undergoing any type of surgical procedure, you may be wondering how much CoolSculpting cost. This noninvasive procedure uses controlled cooling to destroy fat cells. Because fat cells are weaker than other cells in your body, they are susceptible to freezing. Once they become frozen, they undergo a process known as apoptosis. The body then gradually metabolizes them and eliminates them as waste.

The cost of CoolSculpting will depend on the area you’d like to treat. It will cost more if you’d like to treat multiple areas. The procedure is not cheap, however, and you’ll want to choose an experienced provider to ensure the best results. While CoolSculpting is considered a nonsurgical procedure, the cost of this treatment can be considerably higher if you’re undergoing the procedure at a med spa or other clinic.

Side effects of CoolSculpting cryolipolysis

A recent Instagram post by celebrity dermatologist Linda Evangelista exposed side effects of the CoolSculpting cryolipolysis procedure. The procedure uses cryolipolysis technology to freeze areas of fat, triggering the crystallization of fat cells and their subsequent disintegration into waste. Initially, the treated areas begin to look slimmer. However, after two months, patients may notice that the treated area continues to look full. This delayed side effect is called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, and it has no known cure.

The coldness experienced during the procedure can be uncomfortable, but is only a temporary side effect. Most people experience minimal discomfort during this procedure and do not need additional medical intervention. Side effects include numbness, stinging, numbness, sensitivity, bruising, and suctioning. These effects are not serious and will disappear once the treatment has finished. CoolSculpting has been approved for multiple areas, including the thigh, buttock, and abdomen.

Cost of treatment

The price of CoolSculpting varies from $650 to $800 per treatment area. Depending on the area being treated, it can be as little as one session or as extensive as multiple sessions. However, it is important to note that the procedure does not reduce the amount of weight by a substantial margin. Additionally, CoolSculpting cannot prevent a person from gaining weight. For this reason, it is important to make a healthy lifestyle decision prior to the procedure.

While CoolSculpting does not shrink fat cells, it can reduce them by 20 percent or 40 percent. The procedure is safe and requires only one session, but repeat sessions may be necessary. Results are long-term, lasting up to five years, depending on lifestyle and dietary habits. There is no recovery time after undergoing a CoolSculpting treatment, and there are minimal side effects such as tingling and discomfort.