SmartSkin®+ CO2 Restoration

Get Rid of Years of Sun Damage & Aging


Get rid of years of sun damage and aging with this resurfacing laser procedure.

Do you have years of exposure to the sun that has left noticeable damage to your skin? This is not uncommon for many adults – now visible signs of aging and scaring can be erased thanks to laser technology.

SmartSkin® CO2 Restoration laser can make a dramatic improvement by removing much of the unwanted pigment and age spots, and smoothing the texture of the skin.

That’s right – new improvements to technology have provided physicians with the ability to reduce and remove signs of sun damage, scaring and aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and reducing the size of large pores.

At Capital Skin, we offer the SmartSkin® Fractional CO2 laser procedure, a treatment proven to be highly effective for people with minimal to severe sun-damaged aging skin. The procedure provides the most advanced level of laser treatment currently available anywhere. Although it is not comparable to the effects of a surgical face-lift, there will still be some tightening of the facial and neck skin. Depending on your age and skin condition, this alone can be dramatic. The transformation that the SmartSkin® Restoration laser can achieve could take years off of your appearance.

The downtime for this treatment is 10-17 days and people normally see their best results in 6 months to a year.

This procedure is intense and we do offer nitrous oxide and we do prescribe pain medicine and do numbing in advance to your treatment. Nitrous oxide is an additional $60. We can provide an uber for you to come to and from but we recommend you get someone to drive you to and from the spa. This service is offered in spot treatments such as eyes or hands or you can do a full face. We do not do the neck for this treatment.