Pamper Yourself in Style: Capital Skin’s Signature Medical Spa Service Clifton Park, NY

Our team of dedicated skincare professionals is committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. As your trusted partners in beauty, we prioritize each patient’s unique needs and tailor non-invasive sessions to address specific areas of concern. In your search for confidence-boosting skincare solutions, trust us to enhance your appearance and elevate your self-assurance.

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Redefining Beauty with Cutting-Edge Treatments at Capital Skin Medical Spa

Botox Bliss

Embark on a journey to timeless beauty with Capital Skin’s Botox treatments. Our expert clinicians skillfully administer this renowned cosmetic procedure to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a youthful vibrancy to your skin. At Capital Skin, we prioritize natural and subtle results, ensuring that each Botox session is tailored to enhance your unique features and leave you looking rejuvenated.

Sculpt Your Confidence with CoolSculpting

Unveil a sculpted silhouette and boost your confidence with CoolSculpting at Capital Skin. Our state-of-the-art non-invasive fat reduction treatments target stubborn areas, helping you achieve the contours you desire. Say goodbye to unwanted bulges as our skilled professionals employ advanced CoolSculpting technology to gently and effectively eliminate fat cells, leaving you with a more defined and confident appearance.

Laser Tattoo Removal: Erase the Past, Illuminate the Future

Experience the freedom of a clean canvas with Capital Skin’s advanced laser tattoo removal services. Our skilled team utilizes cutting-edge laser technology to safely and effectively fade or remove unwanted tattoos. Whether you’re looking for a complete removal or a modification, our expert technicians tailor each session to meet your unique needs. Rediscover the skin you’re proud to flaunt with Capital Skin’s laser tattoo removal expertise.

Unveil Silky Smooth Skin with Laser Hair Removal

Escape the routine of constant hair removal with Capital Skin’s laser hair removal services. Our advanced laser technology targets hair follicles, offering a long-lasting solution for smooth and silky skin. Enjoy the luxury of minimal discomfort and downtime as our experienced professionals customize each session to address your specific needs. Say goodbye to razors and waxing, and embrace the confidence that comes with effortlessly smooth skin at Capital Skin Medical Spa.


#1 FDA Approved Fat Reduction Procedure


Medical Spa - Capital Skin Care

Secret RF Microneedling

Our best treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, texture as well as collagen production and elasticity of the skin!

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Medical Spa - Capital Skin Clifton Park

Lashes / Brows

Keratin Based / Chemical Free. Enhance the natural beauty of eyelashes and brows.

Yumi Lash Lift

Medical Spa - flower

Excel® V

Excel® V will help eliminate vascular concerns and pigmented lesions on the face and body.

Excel V Skin Laser Treatment

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