If you’re looking to move to Albany County, New York, you might want to consider moving to Cohoes. Located in the northeast corner of the county, Cohoes is home to two universities and a large metropolitan area. The town is also known as “Spindle City” because its factories once processed cotton that came from the Deep South. Whether you’re looking to spend a few days or a lifetime, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Cohoes.

The City of Cohoes is an incorporated city located in Albany County. The city was originally a manufacturing center and is aptly nicknamed Spindle City and the Place of Falling Canoe. However, it’s now a vibrant cultural center, with many festivals and events held throughout the year. The following are just a few of the many things you can do in Cohoes.

Cohoes is a historic community in Albany County. Originally, the area was part of the Manor of Rensselaerswyck, a feudal system that was common in Dutch colonial times. Land north of Cohoes Falls, however, was not part of the Manor, and the Van Olohde family owned the land between 1725 and 1750. While the population of Cohoes may be small, the town is still home to a number of industrial facilities.

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There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Cohoes, NY. We compiled a quick list here.


Point Of Interest #1 Cohoes Music Hall, 58 Remsen St, Cohoes, NY 12047

Point Of Interest #2 Spade’s lounge, 25 White St, Cohoes, NY 12047

Point Of Interest #3 Lansing Park, 34 James St, Cohoes, NY 12047

Point Of Interest #4 Vliet Mart, 196 Vliet Blvd, Cohoes, NY 12047

Point Of Interest #5 The Locker Room 78, 28 Lincoln Ave #4621, Cohoes, NY 12047


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