A medical spa provides comprehensive services for skin care, including advice and medical-grade products for facials and body treatments. For teenagers, medical spas are great for treating acne. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments are also available under medical supervision. These treatments are performed under the supervision of a medical doctor or plastic surgeon. Licensed medical practitioners perform these procedures. Patients can also request for a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to find out which treatments are right for them.

Licensed medical professionals

If you’re looking to open your own medical spa, you may wonder about the legalities involved. As a business owner, you must make sure that the medical professionals who work in your business are licensed to practice medicine in your state. In Illinois, only physicians may open medical practices. Additionally, lay entities cannot hire or contract with licensed physicians. In addition, medical spas are regulated like other health care practices, so you should make sure that your partnership is 100 percent physician-owned.

Massage therapists

In a medical spa, massage therapists focus on functional outcomes, not just the aesthetics of the body. Some massage techniques are geared toward releasing scar tissue, improving range of motion in joints, and teaching better body mechanics. Fascia, a glue-like substance that connects muscles together, can become harder or filled with inelastic scar tissue over time, which can lead to poor posture and limited movement.


Estheticians work in medical spas and salons, offering clients routine skincare treatments. These beauticians may also teach clients how to use certain products, including anti-wrinkle treatments. Many estheticians are employed by skincare companies, promoting certain goods to consumers. The job description varies according to location. Estheticians in salons and spas perform facials and massages. They may also perform hair removal.

Treatments provided by a board-certified plastic surgeon or medical doctor

The qualifications of a board-certified plastic surgeon or medical physician vary across states. However, the American Board of Plastic Surgery is the most respected authority on medical doctors. A medical doctor who is fully credentialed can perform any plastic surgery procedure. If a doctor charges less than the average fee for the same procedure, you should probably avoid them. Your health is your top priority, so always make sure that the doctor you choose is highly qualified.

Products used in a medical spa

Many consumers use drugstore and department store brands of skin care products, but these do not provide the same level of active ingredients as medical grade products. Dermatologists and other practitioners use specialized products from companies like Cynosure to treat a variety of aesthetic conditions. Their products range from scar reduction to skin rejuvenation and gynecological health to body contouring. Medical spas specialize in providing the best treatments for patients with unique needs.