The CoolSculpting procedure is a non-surgical treatment for fat loss. Rather than causing weight loss, this procedure targets fat cells by freezing them. The procedure is completely safe, as it uses controlled cooling to encourage fat cell death. Before the procedure, you will be given skin protection. The procedure is completed in one session, but you can expect to see results in two months. Read on to learn more about the CoolSculpting procedure.

Procedure uses cryolipolysis

The Procedure uses cryolipolysis to reduce the volume of fatty bulges without surgery. A first session can eliminate up to 20% of fat. After that, a second session may not be necessary. Patients can schedule their second session about a month after the first one. A third session is not necessary if the first session produced the desired results. Patients who are significantly overweight should not undergo the procedure.

Targets fat cells

The CoolSculpting procedure uses controlled cooling to eliminate the fatty cells in a targeted area. During the procedure, suction is used to hold the skin in place and the applicator slowly cools the targeted area. The freezing process causes the fat cells to crystallize, damaging them and causing them to be removed. This process is effective at reducing fat distribution throughout the body. It is not a weight-loss treatment, however, and is not a suitable solution for those with severe fat problems.

Doesn’t require incisions

The CoolSculpting procedure utilizes a special application that uses radiofrequency technology to kill the fat cells in the targeted areas without affecting surrounding tissue. The applicator is held one centimeter away from the skin or area of concern. A minimal amount of downtime is required. The treatment does not require any incisions and may cause mild side effects such as numbness. Although the results of CoolSculpting may not be permanent, they will last a long time if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Results after two months

The first Coolsculpting fat loss results are apparent within the first three weeks of treatment. During this time, the body begins to eliminate the fat cells from the treated areas. The cooling process causes the fat cells to die, a natural process. The body’s lymphatic system then excretes these dead cells, leaving the treated areas with a slimmer appearance. It can take up to six months to see full results, though.


The cost of CoolSculpting is determined by the area you wish to treat. Some areas may be treated by one or more CoolSculpting treatments. Each session typically lasts 35 minutes and can treat several areas. It is far safer than liposuction as it does not require an incision, anesthesia, or downtime. You will also not be required to wear any compression garments. If you are considering this treatment for weight loss, it is important to know what to expect before going under the knife.