SmartSkin™ C02 Skin Restoration

Do you have years of exposure to the sun that has left noticeable damage to your skin? This is not uncommon for many adults – now visible signs of aging and scarring can be erased thanks to laser technology.

SmartSkin™ CO2 Restoration laser can make a dramatic improvement by removing much of the unwanted pigment and age spots, and smoothing the texture of the skin.

That’s right – new improvements to technology have provided physicians with the ability to reduce and remove signs of sun damage, scaring and aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and reducing the size of large pores.

At Capital Skin, we offer the SmartSkin™ Fractional CO2 laser procedure, a treatment proven to be highly effective for people with minimal to severe sun-damaged aging skin. The procedure provides the most advanced level of laser treatment currently available anywhere. Although it is not comparable to the effects of a surgical face-lift, there will still be some tightening of the facial and neck skin. Depending on your age and skin condition, this alone can be dramatic. The transformation that the SmartSkin™ Restoration laser can achieve could take years off of your appearance.

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The SmartSkin™ CO2 Procedure

The SmartSkin™ CO2 Procedure

At Capital Skin, the effective results of the SmartSkin™ CO2 Laser are achieved through a series of tiny laser energy pulses. Focused on the areas of skin being treated – laser pulses remove the damaged skin. The moderate damage cause by the laser stimulates the body’s healing processes, causing new skin cell formation. These new skin cells produce greater levels of both collagen and elastin in comparison to the older and damaged skin cells that have been removed. This is essentially how the rejuvenation process is achieved.

To minimize any discomfort during the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied, as well as nerve blocks and mild sedation. You can expect to feel heat, tingling and the sensation of slight sunburn as the laser moves across your face.

SmartSkin™ CO2 Recovery and Results

SmartSkin™ CO2 Recovery and Results

Recovery time from this procedure is variable depending on how aggressive the treatment you’ve decided on. The average recovery time is approximately 4-5 days. Our clients are typically able to apply makeup 5 days after a treatment.

As the skin heals, you will be able to see the amazing results. However, the best results are generally seen 3 to 5 months later and last for several years. Results depend on the level of your treatment. Most patients are highly satisfied with one to two treatments. Dr Purcell Jr. will work with you to develop a SmartSkin™ treatment plan customized to your skin in order to achieve your goals.