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Are you self-conscious about the loose skin directly under your chin, but concerned about the risks and recovery time of invasive surgical face and neck lift procedures? We understand your hesitation, and we have your virtually painless solution.

Capital Skin now offers a minimally-invasive laser chin lift procedure for our Capital Region patients. Our Precision Tx laser treatment can help define our patients’ necks and jawlines with a procedure lasting approximately one hour. Our clients achieve a youthful and more refreshed appearance, with minimal recovery time.

Precision Tx’s 1440 nm wavelength laser brings laser energy directly underneath your skin for highly-targeted and highly-effective results. The energy produced by this laser stimulates collagen and elastin production while simultaneously destroying fat cells, leading to improved skin elasticity, thickness and texture, providing the chin lift results you are seeking.

This revolutionary procedure is recommended for both men and women of the Albany, NY area who seek a more defined neck and jawline. Whether you are 35, 45, 55 or 65, this laser procedure has been proven effective for adults of all ages.

The Precision Tx Laser Chin Lift Treatment Procedure

When you arrive at the Capital Skin office for your chin lift, Dr. Purcell will walk you through any questions you have about your procedure in detail during your pre-procedure consult. Prior to beginning treatment the doctor will numb the area of your chin and neck. Though you are numb, it is normal to feel only slight pressure during your procedure, no pain.

Once the area to be treated has been anesthetized, three very small 2 millimeter incisions will be made in order to fit the small cannula, or tube, under your skin. This tube, only the size of a pencil tip, will contain the laser fiber that delivers the procedure’s energy to the area we wish to treat.

After your procedure, we require that patients have a ride home, as mild sedation is generally given for your comfort.

Your Laser Chin Lift Recovery

We know patients have concerns about long recoveries and discomfort caused by facelifts, neck lifts and other procedures. With the Precision Tx laser chin lift, those concerns are eliminated.

Immediately after your chin lift, you may feel some mild soreness, however our patients are able to return to their normal activities within a few days! Prior to your procedure, the Doctor will advise you when normal activities can resume. Our patients are often amazed by the near instant and dramatic results that continue to improve over a period for up to 6 months.

Before & After

Before & After - Precision Tx Laser Chin Lift
Before and After a Precision Tx Laser Chin Lift