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Medical (Diabetes) Pedicure

Safe Treatment for Diabetes Patients

While proper foot care is paramount for everyone, it’s even more so if you’re suffering from Diabetes. Just one cut could lead to infection. At Capital Skin Spa your health is our top priority. Tracy Rapant, our Certified Master Pedicurist, is certified in Advanced Pedicures and Skin and Nail Pathology/Diabetic Foot Syndrome by the North American School of Podology. Additionally, her continued education with the North American School of Pedicuring has provided in-depth knowledge in identifying nail and skin infections, safe sanitation and disinfection practices, biomechanical foot issues, and advanced techniques in callus reduction. She’s had her cosmetology license since 1994 and has been treating our patients for over 3 years. So rest assured that your foot care is just as important to us as it is you. Schedule a consultation with Tracy today.

You deserve to be pampered while receiving the proper pedicure, call us today and schedule an appointment with Tracey!

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