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Microneedling RF

Secret RF Microneedling. Our go-to treatment for skin!

This treatment is great for most of our clients, microneedling helps with texture, enlarged pores, anti-aging such as fine lines and skin tightening.

Revamp your skin… fall is the perfect time!

Doing Microneedling is perfect for the fall and winter time as we don’t want you to have a ton of sun exposure. When making your appointment you can choose between getting numbed at the spa or buying your own numbing cream and doing it at home. We advise you numb for an hour to an hour and a half. The downtime for this treatment is 24-48 hours and you look like you have a mild sunburn. You have the option to do single sessions or a full package including face, face and neck, or face, neck and hands! Set up a consultation if you have questions!


We recommend SkinCeuticals sunscreen and antioxident vitamin C serum when doing a treatment like microneedling for maximum results!