CoolSculpting(r) uses a vacuum applicator to apply cold gel to bulges of fat. Typically, this treatment is performed on the abdomen, flanks, back, or inner or outer thighs. The entire procedure lasts about an hour, and the fat cells that are treated are gone for good. The body naturally processes the fat over a period of eight to twelve weeks, and the treated cells are gone for good.

Results of CoolSculpting

When you have fat that won’t budge despite intense exercise and diet, you may be wondering if CoolSculpting is right for you. CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that targets specific areas of fat, making it a safe, non-invasive option for stubborn pockets of fat. CoolSculpting is safe for patients of all ages, genders, and health conditions. You can get a trimmer waist, smoother skin, and a more youthful appearance without having to go under the knife or undergo any invasive procedure.

While CoolSculpting is a safe, effective procedure, it is not fool-proof. In addition to the risks of surgery, there are some unanticipated side effects associated with CoolSculpting. People with hormone imbalances, for instance, may experience a fullness sensation in their throats. While these side effects are rare, they do exist. However, you should always talk to a CoolSculpting specialist about your particular condition and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Side effects

Patients should not expect to lose a significant amount of weight using CoolSculpting, but it can help reduce stubborn pockets of fat. Its side effects are minimal, and they generally do not include lumpiness or irregular dissolution of fat. As with any surgical procedure, patients should not stop exercise or eating healthy after their CoolSculpting treatment. This is because fat cells may return after the procedure. Patients should also continue to exercise regularly to ensure that their results are permanent.

There are a few possible CoolSculpting side effects. First, there is the risk of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). This is a condition in which fat cells expand as a reaction to extreme cold. PAH generally lasts for two to three months after the initial fat reduction. The manufacturer estimates the risk at 0.025 percent, although one study found that the rate was higher after 138 treatments.


CoolSculpting treatment costs vary. For smaller areas like the upper arms or the inner thighs, the average cost of one treatment is $1,225, while the price for the entire abdomen can run $4,500. But if you want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat in your belly, you may need more than one session. CoolSculpting costs can vary depending on the number of treatment areas, which can make the procedure cost more affordable for you.

Before undergoing the procedure, it is essential to see a board-certified physician. The process starts by tracing fatty deposits. After that, the skin is cleaned to remove any excess body lotions or oils. Next, a cooling device called an applicator is applied to the area. This will produce a suctioning sensation, a slight sensation of the cold, and a feeling of pressure.

Consultation with SculptMD

Getting a consultation with a SculptMD aesthetic physician will allow you to find out what kind of results to expect from your CoolSculpting treatment. While everyone’s body reacts differently to this procedure, some patients may only need one office visit, while others may need several. Your doctor can recommend a specific area of the body for CoolSculpting treatment, such as the inner thighs or muffin top.

The procedure uses controlled cooling technology to target stubborn fat cells and encourage their death. While most treatments involve needles, lasers, or ultrasound energy, CoolSculpting is the safest and most effective nonsurgical option for fat removal. CoolSculpting is a safe procedure, using a special cooling device. A gel pad is placed between your skin and the device, protecting your skin from the cold.