You’ve heard of CoolSculpting and are curious about the procedure’s benefits. But what exactly is it and how does it work? Read on to discover the details. This procedure uses a cooling device to target unwanted fat. The device is wrapped around the area to be treated. The device is cool to a specific temperature, which is designed to trigger apoptosis in fat cells, a process that causes fat cells to dissolve. Your body then digests the fat and eliminates them.


Apoptosis after CoolSculpting is the process in which fat cells die. Fat cells begin to die at seven days post-treatment. They are infiltrated by inflammatory cells, which intensify over the next two weeks to 30 days. By 30 days, fat cells are beginning to appear misshapen, but they are eventually eliminated by the body. By 90 days, most fat cells have died. There are over 100 peer-reviewed studies proving the safety of CoolSculpting.

Apoptosis is a natural process in which multicellular organisms get rid of dead cells. The average adult human body sheds between 50 and 70 billion cells a day. CoolSculpting works by cooling an area of fat, which triggers the apoptosis of fat cells. The dead fat cells are naturally eliminated through the body’s waste removal mechanism. The liver then processes the waste and excretes it.

Side effects

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of CoolSculpting, there are certain risks and side effects associated with the procedure. Certain medical conditions may also affect the results. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with a qualified medical expert before undergoing CoolSculpting. However, these risks are relatively rare and can only affect a small number of patients. In any case, the procedure is considered safe and can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

There are some possible side effects associated with CoolSculpting, but most people experience only minimal pain and discomfort. Swelling can occur as the target area is suctioned or gently pulled before cooling. This swelling and stinging may last for a couple of weeks, but will subside on their own. It is a temporary side effect that can be treated with medication called gabapentin. There are also some cases where patients can experience vasovagal symptoms. However, the pain will disappear after a few weeks.


In general, the cost of fat leaving your body after CoolSculpting is the same as a single treatment. However, the total cost of several CoolSculpting treatments depends on the area of the body being treated. CoolSculpting is most effective on smaller treatment areas. After each treatment, the fat cells will die and become waste product. The lymphatic system then processes them and eliminates them permanently. However, there are certain costs that you may incur after the treatment.

One of the most important costs of CoolSculpting is the cost of fat cells dying. The treatment does not burn fat cells or shatter them; it freezes them to the point of elimination. During the process, healthy skin cells remain intact. Once the fat cells are dead, the body will naturally eliminate them. And because the process is painless, the cost of fat leaving your body after CoolSculpting is incredibly low.

Good candidate for CoolSculpting

A good candidate for CoolSculpting is someone within 30 pounds of their ideal body weight. People who are more overweight or obese should consider liposuction instead. While diet and exercise are always the best ways to lose fat, sometimes bulges and pockets remain stubborn, no matter how hard you try. If this is the case, CoolSculpting is the perfect solution for stubborn bulges. Once the fat has been melted away, you will have the body you’ve always wanted!

To be considered a good candidate for CoolSculpting, you must have excess fat that is firm enough to squeeze. You should also be able to pinch the fat away from your body and make it squeezable. However, this procedure is not recommended for people with firm abdominal fat or love handles. Your doctor will discuss your expectations with you and the procedure before deciding if CoolSculpting is right for you. It can reduce as much as twenty to 25 percent of unwanted fat.