If you have been thinking about getting CoolSculpting treatment, you may be wondering how fat leaves your body after the treatment. This noninvasive, FDA-approved procedure kills fat cells within the treated area. It is safe and does not leave any visible scars. Fat cells are flushed out by the body after treatment, leaving behind no traces of the procedure. After undergoing CoolSculpting, you can expect the results to last for several months.

CoolSculpting targets and kills the treated fat cells

By freezing the fat cells in your body, CoolSculpting removes unwanted fat without affecting surrounding tissue. The targeted fat cells shrink and disappear naturally over time. The procedure is safe and FDA-cleared. You can use CoolSculpting on a variety of problem areas, including your abdomen, back, flanks, under your buttocks, and upper arms. The process is noninvasive and can be performed quickly.

It does not leave any traces of treatment behind

There are no visible traces of the Coolsculpting procedure. The procedure involves the use of small, cooling devices called applicators. For the abs, a CoolCore is used and for the arms, a CoolFit. The technician places these devices on the treatment area and leaves them in place for approximately 35 minutes. Once the CoolSculpting treatment is complete, the treated area will no longer be noticeable.

It is noninvasive

This procedure freezes fat cells off your body, leaving you with a flatter, slimmer figure. The cooling process targets fat cells beneath the skin. As the fat cells are treated, they crystallize and die, and the body naturally eliminates them. This procedure does not leave any visible scars or dimpling. It is also pain-free and completely safe. Moreover, it will leave your skin smoother than ever.

It is safe

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure that uses cooling to eliminate stubborn subcutaneous fat. CoolSculpting is FDA-approved and completely safe. It uses low temperatures to kill fat cells, leaving them useless and in the body’s natural disposal process. In fact, CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved procedure that eliminates fat cells permanently. And since it is noninvasive, it is a viable option for many people who struggle with unwanted fat and a lack of motivation to lose weight.

It is effective

Unlike conventional surgeries, CoolSculpting does not require any recovery time. You can expect to see dramatic results after just one treatment. The process can help eliminate 20 to 80% of fat cells from a target area. The fat cells are left to be processed by the body for four months after the treatment. Once this is complete, your results will last for years. And you can expect minimal discomfort from the procedure.

It is cost-effective

CoolSculpting is a new non-invasive procedure that uses frozen technology to destroy fat cells. This procedure has dramatic results in a short period of time, and it’s simple enough to fit into your life. Treatments typically last one hour, and you can schedule it during your lunch break or after work. This procedure doesn’t require sedation or anesthesia, and there’s virtually no downtime. The majority of patients don’t even feel anything during the procedure.