The CoolSculpting procedure uses a series of cooling devices that target the targeted area. The scientists behind the procedure were inspired to create the procedure after observing children eating popsicles and their dimples. These children were freezing fat cells, which eventually led to the development of a system for precisely controlling the cooling application. With this method, the researchers were able to safely and effectively shrink unwanted fat cells. This procedure has many benefits for both patients and doctors.


CoolSculpting is a revolutionary new way to lose stubborn fat. This non-invasive treatment targets fat cells with controlled cooling to eliminate them permanently. This method is safe, effective and produces long-lasting results. The procedure is non-invasive, and takes less than an hour. Patients will have little to no downtime. There is no recovery time after the procedure. The procedure is FDA-approved and has no side effects.

Quick recovery

With the help of cool energy, a physician can freeze fat cells in the body. After the procedure, the body takes a few days to recover, but the results will continue to improve over a few months. You can resume your normal activities within three days, but you will experience some redness around the area. After your CoolSculpting fat loss treatment, your body will need time to eliminate the frozen fat cells.

Permanent results

A minimum of two treatments are needed for the permanent results of CoolSculpting. The first treatment can yield results within one to two months, but you can expect full flowering in two to three months. The following two sessions should be scheduled 30 to 60 days apart to optimize results. The second treatment takes advantage of the fat cell inflammatory response and maximizes CoolSculpting’s results. The procedure is not an instant solution, and it will take up to two weeks for the results to be fully visible.

No downtime

The great thing about CoolSculpting is that it involves no downtime. After the procedure, patients can return to their regular activities immediately. Most patients see results within three weeks and are free to return to their usual routines. No special diet or exercise regimen is required. Most patients can even resume their normal daily activities the day after. No other treatment requires no downtime. It’s truly a convenient procedure that’s available at most area medical clinics.

High patient satisfaction rate

CoolSculpting fat reduction is an effective procedure for eliminating stubborn fat deposits. It destroys fat cells through the lymphatic system. However, the body’s ability to create new fat cells means that it must be maintained through a healthy lifestyle. Patients can expect permanent results with a high patient satisfaction rate. CoolSculpting is available for most body areas and is affordable. Patients can choose between liposuction and CoolSculpting.

Side effects

While cool sculpting is not intended to reduce significant amounts of fat, some of its side effects can be painful and unpleasant. Patients often experience temporary redness and bruising, stinging, swelling, and sensitivity to sunlight. In fact, a Hollywood actress recently sued Zeltiq Aesthetics for $50 million in damages after suffering a serious complication from the procedure. But these side effects are relatively rare.