If you’re a woman or a man who wants to lose stubborn fat, you might want to consider the noninvasive CoolSculpting procedure. This nonsurgical treatment uses cold temperatures to break down fat cells, and it’s less expensive than liposuction and surgery. This procedure can also help you get rid of love handles and double chins. If you’d like to know more about CoolSculpting, read on.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure

With the latest advances in technology, non-invasive plastic surgery treatments have gained massive popularity over the past decade. These procedures do not involve surgery and have no recovery time. Advanced laser technology has made it possible to treat various areas of the body without damaging skin. One such procedure is CoolSculpting, a revolutionary new treatment that utilizes cold temperatures to freeze fat cells. After the treatment, these fat cells are naturally absorbed by the body.

It uses freezing temperatures to break down fat cells

This treatment is effective in treating multiple areas at once. The cold temperature causes the fat cells to die and break down, and the body’s natural processes will eventually eliminate the dead cells. While the freezing process is a relatively quick way to reduce fat, it doesn’t completely eliminate it. This procedure should be accompanied by a healthy diet and regular exercise to ensure lasting results. The most effective results are achieved within two weeks.

It is not covered by health insurance

You might be wondering if Coolsculpting is covered by health insurance. The answer is probably not. It is not covered under most health insurance plans, as it is a cosmetic procedure. However, if you have health insurance, you should talk to your provider about your benefits. The benefits of CoolSculpting may surprise you. Read on to learn more about this non-surgical treatment. Besides the obvious, CoolSculpting can improve your attitude and life!

It is more affordable than liposuction

Compared to liposuction, CoolSculpting is considerably less expensive. The procedure takes anywhere from 35 to 60 minutes and offers dramatic results. It can target stubborn fat pockets and can produce noticeable results within a few months. The recovery period for CoolSculpting treatments is typically one to two weeks, and full results can be seen three to four months after treatment. In some cases, patients choose to repeat the procedure in order to maintain their results over time.

It may cause PAH

If you are considering a CoolSculpting procedure but are worried about the risks of PAH, there is a new lawsuit out there. Patients are coming forward with their horror stories after undergoing this procedure. Their results are largely masked by the beaming bodies of other patients, so the reality of their condition is often hidden from the public. Although the media often calls it “Celebrity Syndrome,” the truth is that PAH is a serious side effect of the procedure. In fact, there are now two class-action lawsuits involving the procedure and hundreds of patients sharing their experiences and holding the manufacturer of CoolSculpting responsible.

It is safe

While Coolsculpting is considered safe for most patients, some patients may experience minor side effects. The procedure leaves a number of important nerves numb, which can cause complications later on. Coolsculpting, on the other hand, is noninvasive and has low risks. A few possible side effects are listed below. Patients should consult with a physician before choosing Coolsculpting. After the procedure, patients may experience numbness and swelling. Most of these effects will go away within a week or two.

It costs between $750 and $1500 per treatment

If you have stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise, you may consider undergoing the noninvasive, coolsculpting procedure. This treatment uses a specialized applicator to freeze the fat cells, while causing minimal pain. Each treatment takes 60 minutes, and it works by speeding up the metabolization of fat cells. The cost of Coolsculpting varies, depending on geographic location, the number of treatments you need, and the skill of your provider.

It can boost confidence

For some, the thought of undergoing cosmetic surgery is a source of extreme frustration and embarrassment. The process itself may not seem like a big deal, but standing on a scale can be a depressing experience. In the same way, trying to fit into a skinny pair of jeans can sour one’s self-esteem. But for others, it can lead to a resurgence in confidence, which leads to a renewed commitment to the gym and to new challenges.