Many people are asking the question, “Does CoolSculpting permanently remove fat?” But there are some important things to know before undergoing this procedure. In this article, we’ll explore the risks, cost, and number of treatments you may need. We’ll also discuss the advantages and drawbacks of this fat-removal procedure. Read on to learn more. CoolSculpting has become a popular cosmetic surgery method in recent years, and many people have reported great results. But how effective is it?

CoolSculpting permanently removes fat

The benefits of CoolSculpting are long-lasting. The procedure permanently removes fat cells, resulting in a flat, toned body. The procedure is safe, requiring a single session lasting 35-60 minutes. Patients can expect mild side effects, such as bruising and minor discomfort. They can experience numbness or tingling. The procedure is considered safe and permanent, although the procedure may not be right for every patient.

One common question is whether fat will grow back after the procedure. The short answer is no, as the procedure will not create new fat cells. The procedure is particularly useful for removing stubborn fat from areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and double chin. It may be beneficial to maintain an aesthetic goal, though it should not be the only cosmetic procedure you undergo. If you have an established fitness routine and diet, it is possible to maintain the results of CoolSculpting.

Complications of CoolSculpting

A few of the common CoolSculpting complications include increased fat cells after treatment. These new fat cells are not permanent and they can return if you stop exercising and change your diet. Complications of CoolSculpting are far fewer than those of liposuction. Patients who have the procedure may experience bruising or redness of the skin, tightness, or cramps after the treatment. While the procedure itself is relatively safe, it is important to remember that no surgery is 100 percent safe.

The FDA has approved CoolSculpting to reduce localized fat. The treatment destroys fat cells by exposing them to freezing temperatures. This process is called cryolipolysis. This procedure reduces fat layers by around 28 percent and is not intended for people who are obese. However, people with Cryoglobulinemia should not undergo CoolSculpting because they have a history of recurrent leg ulcers and other conditions that can affect their healing time.

Cost of CoolSculpting

The cost of CoolSculpting to permanently remove fat varies according to the area of the body being treated and the number of sessions needed. Some people choose to target more than one area. In such a case, the total cost of the treatment will increase. Location, provider, and number of follow-up appointments will also determine the cost. In addition, if you want multiple areas treated, the cost of the treatment may increase.

The cost of CoolSculpting is not included in the insurance plan. A consultation with a technician is required for a more accurate cost estimate. The technician will evaluate the area to be treated and determine the concentration of fat tissue. He or she will also determine the amount of the concentrated fat tissue. The treatment can cost between $2500 and $42,000, depending on the type of treatment. The procedure is non-surgical and will not harm healthy skin cells.