In Clifton Park NY, CoolSculpting is a popular choice for men and women seeking body contouring or other aesthetic procedures. Located at Capital Skin, this award-winning skincare and aesthetic facility offers customized services at reasonable rates. The caring staff at Capital Skin offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments and services to help patients achieve their desired look and feel. Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting at Capital Skin.

Capital Skin

If you’re looking for a top aesthetics clinic in Clifton Park, New York, look no further than Capital Skin Center. With advanced technology and licensed staff, Capital Skin Center offers a full range of aesthetic procedures, including Coolsculpting. Additionally, you can also opt for a microneedling facial, Botox treatment, or dermal filler treatment. The salon also offers treatments to eliminate acne scars and enhance the skin’s overall health.


If you’re looking to enhance your figure, Coolsculpting in Clifton Park, New York, may be the perfect solution. This innovative procedure uses frozen water and ice to sculpt the skin, thereby tightening loose, sagging skin. Coolsculpting was created by a dermatologist who believed that anyone can achieve the same beautiful results. A Clifton Park Coolsculpting treatment can tighten the skin in just one session.


A body sculpting session may be the right answer for you if you are looking to eliminate cellulite, reduce inches, or destroy fat cells. Using focused cooling, this procedure kills fat cells while leaving healthy skin cells undamaged. During a single treatment, you should expect minimal discomfort and no downtime. However, multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve the best results. CoolSculpting costs range between $4,500 to $10,000.


Among many other procedures, cool sculpting is one of the most popular for weight loss and tightening of loose skin. This procedure involves the application of a special cream to the body and a brief stay in an ice bath. The cold temperature causes blood vessels to constrict, which forces them to divert to the desired areas. The result is a tight, toned, and contoured body.

Before and after photos

After one session of body sculpting, you will notice visible changes in your skin and inches are quickly reduced. This procedure uses rapid cooling to destroy fat and inch-reducing cellulite. It can also help reduce cellulite and improve blood flow, which means less dimply and saggy skin. While results are immediate, you should schedule several sessions to see the full potential of the procedure.

Recovery time

For those seeking an affordable plastic surgery option, CoolSculpting is an excellent choice. The procedure is non-surgical and involves only a small incision. Recovery time is only a few days, but the benefits outweigh any side effects. There are two ways to undergo CoolSculpting, a single session and a dual treatment. The procedure can be performed in either the thighs or arms. Both options have their own pros and cons, but many people find that CoolSculpting is a great choice for their skin concerns.